Artesia Indian Community Guide

Jobs, Fashion, Events etc.

Artesia, particularly Pioneer Blvd, is the bustling commercial hub of the Indian community in Southern California.

Liitle India Village on Pioneer Blvd © Liitle India Village on Pioneer Blvd
Visit Pioneer Blvd during the weekend and you'll find the area humming with activity.

Shopping Mecca

Indian Restaurants, boutiques, jewelry, beauty parlors, grocery, sweets and appliance stores, you have them all here.

Desis come from far and near to shop and eat in the various restaurants in and around Pioneer Blvd.

Over weekends, desi families descend on Pioneer Blvd in BMWs, Camrys, Lexus, Acuras and Honda Pilots to visit the beauty parlor, bite into spicy Samosa Chaat, get a pretty dress for a wedding or a party, stock up on Indian grocery, see a Bollywood, Tamil and Telugu movies, meet their attorney to discuss their Green Card or H1B application, traffic violation ticket or fight a deportation order, visit an Indian insurance agent for a car / home insurance policy, sip a Mango Lassi or buy some glittering gold or costume jewelery or shop around for a cheap air ticket to Mumbai.

Dum Biryani & Buffet

Indian restaurants on Pioneer Blvd offer South Indian Pongal, Dosai, North Indian Paneer Tikka Masala, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala Curries, Gujarati Thalis and much more.

If you have a craving for sweets, not to worry. Pioneer Blvd has several Indian mithai stores to pander to your Mithai sweet-tooth.

Hindi Movies

Bollywood movies are released every week in Edwards Cerritos Stadium and Edwards Westpark 8 in the nearby towns of Cerritos and Irvine respectively.

Whether it is Jawan or any other Indian film you can be sure the movie will release in Artesia on the same date as India.

Hindu Temples

The three Hindu temples - Sanathan Dharma Temple, Radha Krishna Mandir and Swaminarayan Mandir on Pioneer Blvd. cater to the religious and spiritual needs of Indians in Artesia area.
Radha Krishna Temple on Pioneer Blvd © Radha Krishna Temple on Pioneer Blvd
Featuring hindi movie showtimes, attorneys, Indian travel agents, Indian restaurants, grocery, temples and more, is a useful resource to the visiting and local Indian community in Artesia.