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Artesia - Jobs for Indians

Finding a good job in greater Los Angeles area is very hard for Indians if you're not young with IT background.

Whether it's Los Angeles, Artesia, Orange, Diamond Bar, San Diego, Irvine or Anaheim the job market for non-IT guys is tight.

Plus, the slowdown in the U.S. economy over the last few years has made a bad situation terrible for a lot of desi job seekers.

Indians with Green Cards stand a much better chance of landing a job than those on H1B Visas or the so-called illegals (i.e., without legal status and work permits).

Here are a bunch of jobs in different sectors (motels, restaurants, beauty salons, importers etc) that Indians in greater Los Angeles can apply for.

May 11, 2021
Front Desk & Maintenance
Santa Clarita, CA Magic Mountain Area Franchise Motel
Call: 661-993-3487 (8AM-8PM)

Front Desk Agent
Orange, CA Motel
Requirements: Experience preferred
Call: 310-972-8938

Accounting Assistant
Los Angeles, CA Property Management Company
Requirements: Experience in property management
Call: 213-254-3213

Front Desk
Los Angeles, CA Motel
Requirements: Full time and part time, night shift
Call: 657-342-9226

Resident Manager Couple
Fresno, CA Motel (48-unit Property)
Call: 559-917-0750

Food Runner
Seattle, area Indian Restaurant
Requirements: Tamil speaking
Benefits: Salary plus accommodation
Call: 360-830-7574

Manager Couple
Los Angeles, CA Motel
Requirements: Prefer small motel experience, English & computer skills
Benefits: Salary plus accommodation
Call: 310-619-8482

Manager Couple
Call: 323-893-0915

Franchise Motel Manager
San Diego, CA Motel
Requirements: Experienced couple
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 310-462-6411

Front Desk
Los Angeles, CA Independent Motel
Requirements: Couple or single, English, customer and computer skills
Benefits: 1-Br apt
Text: 626-548-8357

Indian Cook
San Diego, CA Indian Restaurant
Requirements: Experience in Gujarati, North & South Indian & Indian-Chinese cuisines
Text: 858-267-9775

Motel Manager Couple
Laguna Niguel, CA Motel
Requirements: Good English & computer skills
Benefits: Salary & 2-Br apt
Call: 949-285-1985

Front & Kitchen Staff
San Diego Restaurant
Call: 760-583-8875

Manager Couple
Los Angeles Area, CA Motel
Requirements: Experience
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 909-654-4556

Curry Chef
Northern CA Indian Restaurant

Los Angeles, CA Hotel
Requirements: Single, English & computer skills
Benefits: Salary
Call: 310-895-8044

Resident Manager Couple
Riverside, CA
Requirements: Motel managment experience
Call: 909-465-3359

Resident Manager
Orange County, CA Motel
Requirements: Experience & English skills
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 714-820-8003

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